Traditionalist radio talk show host Glenn Beck says he wants to meet this week with Mark Zuckerberg to talk about allegations of political inclination in how the giant social network chooses the most critical news for its 1.6 billion users.

Beck wrote in a Facebook post;

Zuckerberg's Glenn Beck Meeting
Zuckerberg’s Glenn Beck Meeting

How does an organization who allowed voices to be heard in Iran and Egypt which started upset quiet voices of anybody here? I am trying to revamp my schedule to check whether I can make it. It is interesting to look at him without flinching as he clarifies and a win for all voices if we can go to a position of genuine trust with this effective tool.

A report in technology blog Gizmodo a week ago that accused Facebook of suppressing moderate perspectives set off a firestorm in traditionalist circles. The affirmation: Facebook news editors suppressed conservative articles and news outlets in the “Trending Topics” feature that highlights the most popular news on Facebook.

Joel Kaplan, a previous senior helper in the George W. Bush White House, contended that Facebook’s staff members and users, including such notables as Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan run the ideological range. Kaplan, Facebook’s VP of open strategy, said in a Facebook post over the weekend:

Many people at Facebook are attempting to make sense of if there are parts of the Trending Topics prepare that are broken and if so how they should be fixed. In spite of the fact that we’ve found no confirmation the report is valid, it is profoundly disturbing, and if there is an issue, we want to reveal it and correct it. In the U.S., there are an equivalent number of conservatives and liberals using our platform, and moderates are generally as connected with if not more so. Conservative groups are thriving on Facebook, with outstandingly high levels of engagement.


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