Google is a company that has managed to surprise the world with its latest introductions and breakthrough. It is a company that has filled the world with various innovations which have made our lives better in one way or the other. YouTube is a facility or service that is used by almost every person who has an internet connection and if you are not using it then there is only one reasonable explanation for that and that is “you are not living in the 21st century.

The latest feature that was introduced by Google for YouTube is 360 live streaming. As the name suggests, this service allows users to enjoy videos on YouTube and have a 360-degree camera angle, this means that the user can see everything that is happening all around. For YouTube Live 360 content is the bridge between virtual reality and the normal content what we watch every day. Facebook is a company that also tried to use this technology and introduce it before, anyone else, but it seems like the social media giant had some issues and was unable to do it, YouTube, on the other hand, was able to pull it off.

360-degree videos are relatively cheap to make, the camera that you need to shoot such a video can cost only $350. This is only the beginning of 360-degree and we all know that YouTube will try its level best to make this service even better.


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