HDR contents are much more amused that offers a theatre like feeling with its enhanced color, contrast and the brightness. The images and videos are much clearer and vibrant in the HDR which makes any videos more enjoyable. And the good news is, the world’s biggest content provider YouTube has launched support for HDR playback to some selected mobile devices.

The said devices are Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Note8, LG V30, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium. However, they will expand support in more devices in the near future.

After TVs, YouTube Now Launches HDR Support In Mobile Devices

YouTube has launched the HDR support already a year back but it was limited only to the TVs and some of the streaming devices including the Chromecast Ultra streaming adapter owned by Google. However, in order to enjoy the YouTube HDR playback in the mobile devices and TVs, they should be HDR capable while the speed of your internet connection and the quality of the screen too should be good enough.

The good thing is while very few people have the HDR enabled TVs, the number of people with HDR support mobile devices is much more. So, this is no doubt a very useful initiative by YouTube.

YouTube has already started rolling out this new feature in their Android mobile app, so check the YouTube app in your device once if you have already received it. If not, then head towards the Play Store and update the app to the latest version available. But, before all these, ensure that you are using an Android device from the above-mentioned list.

While YouTube already has a great number of HDR content, they are working hard to grow the number soon. Also, as per the YouTube spokesperson, they are currently working with partners in the mobile industry to launch HDR support in more of the mobile devices. So, it will soon reach to your device as well if you are not using any of the supported devices currently.


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