If you have really liked the Twitter’s periscope and Facebook’s Live video option, good news is that now YouTube too is equipped with the same feature that will allow users to Livestream videos right from its mobile app. Kurt Wilms, the YouTube product lead announced this feature and stated that the popular video social network is adding the capability to broadcast live videos from the mobile app effortlessly. As of now this feature will be rolled out to some selected creators and later on more people will have access to it.

YouTube even though had this live streaming ability but it was restricted to only those having the verified channels and was done through the creator studio.

Youtube Brings The Ability Of Livestream

The company went on to say that using this live streaming feature in mobile would be much simple which will not require the users to have any other accounts or apps. All you need to do is just tap on the big sized red button located at the lower right corner of the screen, select or take a thumbnail photo and then proceed for broadcasting. The interface of this live streaming is much similar to that of the Twitter periscope. The chat bubbles are appeared on the top of the live video feed on the lower left side of the screen with the audience number in the upper left and the finish button on the upper right side.

According to YouTube, this video will be very faster and reliable where users can find them in the site through recommendation and playlists and those will also be protected from the unauthorized uses. The company announced that around 21 million people watched Coachella on YouTube this year while some other stories like royal Wedding in 2011, Felix Baumgartner’s space leap in 2012 saw huge live streaming success.


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