Dropbox is getting a little more group-friendly with another feature that gives you a chance to add comments to files.

Presented Tuesday, the new commenting feature gives you a chance to have discussions on your own files and the files that people share with you. Comments are currently live on the Web at Dropbox.com, and are “coming soon” to mobile, Dropbox said.

“Whether you’re working together on a business proposal or putting together a vacation itinerary, working with numerous people can be difficult,” Dropbox wrote in a blog entry Tuesday. “It can involve lots of back and forth conversations, scattered across email threads and chat windows. And in the process, feedback can get lost and it can take ages to get everybody on the same page.”

The new feature is gone for keeping your discussions organized in one spot, Dropbox said.

Much the same as on Facebook or Twitter, you can bring somebody into the discussion with mentions. Simply type the @ symbol, followed by somebody’s name or email address, and they’ll get an email notification — even if they don’t use Dropbox. The notification will include a link to the file you’re sharing.

“It’s an one-step procedure to both share a file and gather input about it,” Dropbox said.

When somebody comments on a file you’ve shared, you’ll get an email notification. If you don’t want the play-by-play, simply click “Unsubscribe to notifications.”

Naturally, everybody with access to a shared link can make comments. Anyway, if you don’t want others to include their input, simply click “Turn off comments” in the Options menu.

The new feature comes after Dropbox and Microsoft earlier this month teamed up to make it easier to edit your Office documents online. You can now edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in Dropbox using Microsoft Office Online on the Web. This means you don’t need the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, and can likewise use another person’s PC, to edit Office documents in Dropbox.

For more, look at PCMag’s full review of Dropbox.

Source : PC Magazine


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