Sad news for game lovers and fan of crowdfunded platformer Yooka Laylee as the game is delayed and will be released by the next year. Yooka Laylee, the successor of Banzo-Kazooie is a much-anticipated game so the news of delay made many fans disappointed. The game is not expected to release until the first quarter of 2017 while a brand new trailer released by Playtonic Games indicated that it is really tough enough to keep on waiting for this game to enjoy. The trailer is much interesting that will no doubt create a rush as soon as the game is released next year.

Yooka Laylee
Yooka Laylee

Yooka Laylee will arrive by the early of 2017

Playtonic is really concerned about their fans and addressed the reason of delaying Yooka Laylee politely. According to them, while they were highly confident to ship the game on October as mentioned in Kickstarter, the team has decided to include some extra month’s polish in the game schedule to provide a better gaming experience to all the fans who have been supported them all through their development.

They also stated that, this delay no doubt makes some of the fans disappointed but the team is confident enough to have the right decision and ultimately the gamers will be much pleased with the end result when the game Yooka Laylee will arrive by the early of 2017.

However, it is always best to wait a bit longer to enjoy a bug-free game as the situation is really annoying when you wait long enough for your favorite game and rush to figure out it is full of bugs. Playtonic Games did not mention anything about the demo if it will be released or not this year, however, we hope to get some preview soon apart from the trailer. To know more about the game, visit their website.


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