Yahoo Mail has been updating its mobile apps versions and the designs look nice. An iOS update was immediately followed by an Android one though the updates were different in a way.

The Android update made available enables users to create lists of all the people they have corresponded with before. The list is called the People Smart View and is available on the sidebar. The sidebar will actually give options of names that you can input into this list.

Yahoo Mail update for Android brings new People Smart View feature
Yahoo Mail update for Android brings new People Smart View feature

The update is also huge for Android users because they can now sync their personal contacts with those that are on Yahoo, a feature that has been on iOS since. If for any reason you don’t feel like mixing up the two contact lists, users can simply switch off the Sync contacts feature from the settings app.

The update also sends congratulatory messages to all users who clean up their mailbox, and Yahoo has also added various new themes and designs. Android users have the option to install a beta version of the app, which gives them the ability to have new features on their phones before anyone else. The Android update can, of course, be received from the Google Play Store.


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