With Xnspy, a text message spy, you can get undetectable access to every text message, without having the phone in your hand. How is that possible? The design of this app is such that you can access everything from a personal account after subscribing to it.

You need a one-time access to the target device to install and activate the app. After that, everything you monitor is remote, while maintaining stealth. To monitor a non-jailbroken iOS device, you don’t need to install the app manually.

Text Message Spy without Having the Phone in HandVia iCloud, you can access everything.

Why Would You Consider Text Spying Without Having the Phone?

Is someone important to you texting others all the time, but you feel sure he/she never replies your messages deliberately?

Text Message Spy without Having the Phone in Hand

Are you a concerned parent who lives away from your kids most of the time, or a lover who is noticing changes in a partner’s behavior? Sometimes, you need to know who is the anonymous contact that sends extremely sensitive and private sort of texts to people you care for. You may worry about cyber bullying or random dating via online dating sites and want to make sure you keep your kids and loved ones safe.

Text Message Spy without Having the Phone in Hand

Undetectable Text Spy App Make Is More Dependable

Text spy apps have recently become quite famous and improved or upgraded versions are more invasive than before. Most people who know just a little about using a cell phone and installing apps on them can easily detect a spy app. Therefore, one of the greatest challenges for you is to find an undetectable app. If the target person suspects or identifies the presence of the spying app, then your attempts to monitor the target will be a waste. An undetectable text message spy would be more reliable. You will be able to read entire threads of conversations without the target’s suspecting.

Text Message Spy Offers More Powerful Features

The text-monitoring feature in Xnspy allows you to use other powerful features:

  • Watchlist Words in Text Messages

You can add words to the watchlist words feature in Xnspy text message spying app. This means that you can receive alerts whenever the target person sends or receives text messages with specific words. In a corporate environment, if you suspect someone of sharing trade secrets, you can watchlist sensitive words that can alert you. For example, business plans, classified file names, specific code words that you use within the company. If you are a parent, you can use this feature to keep a disturbed or bullied child safe from harmful messages.

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  • Watchlist Contacts and Receive Alerts

Whenever you observe incoming or outgoing messages from specific contacts, which give you a reason for concern, you can set alerts. Whenever there are messages to or from that watchlisted contact, you will receive an alert. In some cases, you may have to block those contacts remotely. This way, the target person doesn’t need to know what happened and you can eliminate the problematic contact.

  • Track GPS Location of Target Person via Texts

One interesting feature in this app is that you can locate the target’s location using Xnspy text message spy. Via inbuilt GPS tracking, you can see where the target device and the person with it were at different times of sending and receiving text messages. Rest assured that the target person would not suspect anything while you monitor. Even the smartest mobile users will not be able to detect its presence. This app offers other associated features, like Geo-fencing, but for that, you can check the live demo that is available on their website.

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Note that new versions of monitoring apps offer more than just text monitoring. That also help you track calls, monitor browser history, and record calls and ambient backgrounds. You can also access photos and videos on the target device. In fact, you can retrieve any data the target person deletes after you’ve installed the app on it. From the control panel, you can easily access all these without the target’s suspecting anything.

Advantages of Monitoring without Holding the Phone

Of course, there are many concerns regarding ethical implications of tracking someone’s mobile activity. However, while we recommend letting the target person know that you are watching, there may be exceptions. If in extreme cases, undetectable monitoring is the best alternative, and then you must do as necessary. This can help you make an informed decision about whether to fire a disloyal worker whom you suspect of espionage. It can help you decide to break off a relationship with a cheating partner or seek a divorce if you are married. It can help you protect your child from unwanted cyber predators and cyber bullies.


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