One of the well known Chinese Smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi has taken one step ahead to expand their presence globally. The company occupied fifth place globally in the Smartphone market along with 4.4% share in the Q1 of this year. The company also faced various pressures from other Chinese companies like Oppo and Vivo and this compelled them to target the Europeans and North American markets, according to a research firm IDC.

But patent infringement lawsuit is a main criterion to consider that hold back most of the companies from entering into the overseas market. However, Xiaomi is almost prepared to jump into the game and have acquired the patents from Microsoft that will help them entering into the US market. The deal says, Xiaomi will include Microsoft office and Skype on the Android Smartphone and tablet. Microsoft is the solution to many companies that has signed more than 1200 agreements after launching its IP licensing program in 2003.


Xiaomi Has Acquired 1500 Patents from Microsoft

According to a news report, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer company has acquired 1500 patents from Microsoft and has already agreed to sign the cross-licensing agreement for some more patents with Microsoft. The deal will be started from September under which all the Xiaomi Android devices such as Mi 5, Mi 4s, Mi Max, Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3 will include Microsoft office, word, PowerPoint and Skype pre-installed and specific offerings might vary according to the devices, operators and market.

In one word, Xiaomi is actively working to build its patent portfolio to penetrate into overseas market including US by keeping the patent infringement lawsuit far away. This is the thing to keep in mind otherwise companies face difficulty to survive. For example, this company had to face a patent infringement lawsuit from Ericsson during entering into the Indian market.


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