The Chinese company Xiaomi have very recently unveiled their latest product Mi Notebook Air in a press event in Beijing which packs inside a discrete graphics card, Nvidia GeForce 940MX that is meant to help you enjoying the games smoothly.

While this company is mainly known for bringing out with cheaper Smartphone but they are expanding into all sorts of tech products such as water purifiers, smart weighing scales etc. and this Notebook is one of them.

Xiaomi's latest product Mi Notebook Air comes with gaming hardware inside
Xiaomi’s latest product Mi Notebook Air comes with gaming hardware inside

The Notebook has 13.3 inches full HD display of 1920×1080 resolution and inside it packs Intel core i5 6200U clocked up to 2.7 GHz with 8GB RAM. The solid state drive is of 256 GB while the storage can be boost up to 256 GB with the additional SATA slot available. The battery capacity is 40Wh which makes the laptop alive for 9.5 hours.

Coming to the exterior design the notebook does not contain any logo and it has a very clean look clad in Aluminum. But once the device is opened, you can notice the Mi logo.

One or More Version of This Mi Notebook Air Will Have A Smaller Screen

Xiaomi has announced one more version of this Mi Notebook Air that will have a smaller screen, 12.5 inches and it will also skip the discrete graphics card. And the SSD will be 128GB. Intel Core M processor with 4GB RAM are the specs of this 12.5-inch Notebook but the upside is that it will have a stronger battery life of 11.5 hours that is 2 hours more than the 13.3-inch Notebook. The devices will be available at $750 and $525 respectively.

Even though the company is selling the Notebook under their brand but those are actually built by their partner Tian Mi. The device will go on sale from August 2nd, however, Xiaomi is said to sell the Notebook officially only in China.


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