The first smartphone with the support for 5G will soon be launched by the next month. And the smartphone is named as Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 that the company is all set to launch in October. Motorola has launched Moto Z3 in the last week. This phone too is packed with the same feature.

But, it will require an additional add-on accessory to support 5G. However, this is not the case for Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s Real Photo Is Revealed, It Confirms The 5G Support Feature
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s Real Photo Is Revealed, It Confirms The 5G Support Feature

In the last week, Xiaomi’s product managing director revealed a 3D render of the upcoming phone. It indicated that the phone will have a pop-up camera. And he has tweeted another image of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 showing off the 5G support feature. The posted image has a 5G network in the notification bar. It clearly says that the upcoming phone will support 5G. The photo also shows that the phone has a various band at test facility such anchor band, LTE connection etc. for the 5G network.

However, the 5G network is still not rolled out. And it is expected that the carrier will roll out the 5G network by next year. But, as per Donovan Sung, the product managing director of Xiaomi, they can’t wait too long for the official release of 5G network.

As the phone is packed with 5G support feature, so we can enjoy the best performance definitely. It is designed to offer a download speed of 10X faster than the 4G network. This sounds really interesting.

Many more manufacturers are working on the same project now. LG and Huawei too announced of launching their 5G phone. But, it will take time for them. They will probably launch their 5G phone by next year.

However, we do not have to wait long to experience the first ever 5G phone. Xiaomi will soon launch the exciting smartphone.

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