Xiaomi had a very busy CES, showing off their ever-best bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone, while also making their 4K TV and a router public. Nonetheless, there is only one which is the most attractive of all, the Mi Mix. The Mi TV 4 is officially coming to the US this season!

Tomsguide.com has given a little insight about the Mi Box in their recent articles, and that’s more than enough to comprehend what the massive change it is going to bring to the market in the US.

Xiaomi is coming to US at the ‘right time’
Xiaomi is coming to US at the ‘right time’

While the US market is expected to be the one with most potential in such products, the analysts are expecting a massive change over the next few years. In an article, tomsguide.com quotes;

To date, the Mi Box, a $69 TV set-top box that offers 4K streaming, is the only Xiaomi product to find its way to the U.S. With the Chinese company hosting its first CES event this week, some expected that to change, but it sounds as if a push into the U.S. market won’t happen anytime soon, even though company executives have said the U.S. is very much in Xiaomi’s plans.

So when can we expect Xiaomi to fully dive into the U.S. market?

The U.S. is a pretty complicated market,

Donovan Sung, director of product and marketing for Xiaomi Global told me when I asked him that question.

What we’re looking for is the right time and right product.

Not only this, but the Xiaomi’s arrival in the US could be the nightmare for companies that rule the market. For example Samsung. With the motive to influence everyone around the world, the company clearly showed in CES what it is about to bring.

That means emphasizing the company’s philosophy of innovation for everyone, Sung said, which is what the company sought to do not just at its show floor booth, set up to resemble one of the company’s Mi Home stores in China, but also in the products it opted to unveil at CES.


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