Gamers will enjoy a massive boost of performance with the new Xbox One, but at a cost of the snap feature.

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra confirmed via twitter that Snap feature, which allowed gamers to do multitasking, will be removed to increase the performance of the console. He said,

We replaced Snap to improve multitasking, reduce memory use, improve overall speed, and free up resources going forward for bigger things.

This leads to the fact that the change will come up with a massive update of the dashboard. It won’t completely remove the features, such as Music, but it will definitely make room for bigger things.

Xbox Ditches Snap Feature To Boost Performance
Xbox Ditches Snap Feature To Boost Performance

In an analysis on this news, Digital Trend wrote “The Xbox One has changed dramatically since it was first announced back in 2013. Before, it had a strong focus on Kinect, Microsoft’s motion-tracking peripheral, and a multimedia user experience. But the bad press due to rumors that game purchases would be locked to the console, coupled with Sony’s more gamer-focused messaging, forced Microsoft to quickly about-face. Microsoft made Phil Spencer the new head of Xbox in 2014, and focus shifted. All of a sudden, gamers got E3 press conferences that didn’t contain cute Tamagotchi-like animal pets, but callbacks to fan-favorite franchises.

While the new shift has helped Microsoft, Xbox sales still lag significantly behind Sony’s PlayStation 4. Currently, worldwide Xbox One sales amount to 26 million, with the PS4 at roughly 54 million

We all are hoping it’s really a bigger thing, so it adequately replaces our beloved-snap feature.

The Xbox preview participants will be getting the update by next Monday, January 30th, and the rest will have to wait till the final release it out, sometime in April- along with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Till then, we will have to wait.


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