After months of waiting and speculations, Microsoft has finally revealed more about the much anticipated XBOX Project Scorpio and it looks like it will be an absolute beast of a console. Microsoft had previously revealed a few details about the XBox Scorpio.

This included that the Project Scorpio will have a total of 6 Teraflops worth of computational power which is ahead of its competition, the Sony PlayStation Pro which has 4.2 Teraflops. Microsoft has achieved significant improvements over its previous console, the XBOX ONE.

XBOX Project Scorpio Specifications Revealed
XBOX Project Scorpio Specifications Revealed

Memory & Processor

This includes a change of RAM from 8GB DDR3 RAM / 32MB ESRAM on the XBOX ONE to 12GB GDDR5 RAM on Project Scorpio. However, Microsoft will be sticking to the AMD Jaguar processor for the Project Scorpio. Yet, the new custom x86 octa-core processor in the Project Scorpio runs 31% faster than its predecessor, at 2.3GHz per core compared to the XBOX ONE’s 1.75GHz.


Microsoft’s new custom GPU engine is also faster than its predecessor as it runs at 1172MHz whereas for the XBOX ONE this was 853MHz. Also worth noting is that this is significantly faster than the PS4 Pro which clocks in at 911MHz.

The memory bandwidth has also been increased to 326 GB/s from the previous 204 GB/s and is also higher than the PS4 Pro’s 218 GB/s.


The onboard storage is 1TB and it also has a 4K Blu-ray optical drive. The new console will also be able to run games on the 4K resolution at 60 fps. Microsoft believes the standard XBOX ONE games will run on 4K as well. Overall the XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 games should get a considerable boost in performance.

Actual Name of Scorpio

Even with all this information revealed, still many details have yet be announced. These include a price tag, the actual name of the console and when it will be available for purchase.


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