Microsoft finally made available their much waited Xbox One S and the 2TB version is now available at $400. There are many more improvements to be enjoyed in this console but the ability to handle 4K content is probably the best to experience. The device can play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies and games as well in the dynamic range color. However apart from the 4K feature, the other things that will force you to own a Xbox One S console are as follows:

This console is the best-looking console and is very modern also in the market. Microsoft has taken almost three years to bring this model and finally presented us a very sleek and smaller device. It is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One and it is smaller than the PlayStation 4 as well.

Xbox One S Review, Read Here The Improvements On The Console
Xbox One S Review, Read Here The Improvements On The Console

Besides size, there is a major improvement in the overall quality also. This console is very sturdy than the original Xbox One and does not sounds hollow at all.

Microsoft has integrated the power supply inside the device so as to make a big difference in the design. Also the IR blaster is included so that users are not required a Kinect to turn on other devices with the Xbox One S. The organized inputs and outputs are available on the back panel, this was also present in the original Xbox One, however, this time things have been arranged in a better way and is flushed with back cover.

Another interesting thing is this console comes with an amazing S controller. This is no doubt an important upgrade.

With all these Xbox One S is faster as well which have the powerful 16nm chip inside. So, this console wins the game from all aspects and if you planned to own a console for long, this is the time to go for one.


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