Those who have waited a long to get the new Xbox One S at hand, the wait is over as this new console is all set to arrive the market this coming August and game lovers can start preordering right now as according to the General Manager of Xbox One devices Matt Lapsen, the demand is really high whereas availability is limited comparatively.

Microsoft did their best to help people avail this console by cutting down the price and bundling numerous games along with it. Also, they have offered the Kinect-free version with this console. On top of these, the best thing that will amuse most of the game lovers is, it comes with support for 4K streaming services and the 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. As a result, the display of the console Xbox One S will have darker black and more vibrant colors. But in order to enjoy movies and shows in this higher resolution, you need to have a 4K compatible TV. Besides games too can be enjoyed in this 4K resolution but those games should be upscaled to 4K.

Xbox One S to Hit The Store on August 2
Xbox One S to Hit The Store on August 2

This console will be available in three versions 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. The 500 GB is priced at $299, 1TB is priced at $349 and the last one is priced at $399. However, it is important to mention that now gamers can catch only 1 version, the 2TB one as only this one is arriving this coming August while the other two version will be made available later in the year. But all these versions are available for preorders from Microsoft, Amazon, Gamestop and BestBuy. You can also walk to these stores for preordering.

So, just place the order and get ready to enjoy all your exciting games in this console soon. Initially, this console will arrive in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, Finland, Greece etc. and later all other regions will receive it.


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