While this is very common for all the smartphone manufacturers to offer some upgrade to their products each year, this rule is hardly been followed by the console manufacturer. Yes, Microsoft brought Xbox 360 long back and its almost eight years over but still, the consoles series remained unchanged with only some slight changes in the visual part. But things are going to be changed now it seems with Microsoft making an announcement at their E3 briefing this year about that most awaited console “Project Scorpio“, a new addition to their Xbox One family.

With an aim to offer a completely different experience about the console, Project Scorpio will be introduced during any holiday season in 2017 and according to Microsoft, this will be the highly powerful console ever built by them.

A Quick Review On XBox One - Project Scorpio
A Quick Review On XBox One – Project Scorpio

It will emerge with all the high-end technologies such as 4K, Virtual Reality and HDR content to provide the gamers with an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Talking about the powerfulness of this console, it will be equivalent to six teraflops graphical performance which indicates it will be almost five times more powerful than the Xbox One. With this, the gamers will be able to enjoy a smooth gameplay as this device will be made to render visuals at 60Hz.

Project Scorpio – Highly Powerful Components

However, whether this will be applicable for both the 4K games and VR is not confirmed yet. But you can be assured of experiencing a very smooth and silky gaming experience through this Project Scorpio due to the inclusion of highly powerful components. So, this console will not have to drop the resolution very often in order to maintain the heavy framerate while playing any high-end game while Xbox head Phil Spencer has stated that games like Halo 5 can run on Scorpio at the maximum resolution whole time.

Other added advantage of this upcoming console is, as Xbox One runs windows, so game developers can easily go for developing games that will run on both the platforms.

VR Headset

But one thing to mention here that the latest console from Microsoft will not be equipped with any VR headset while no such plans to develop one is confirmed by them as well. So, in case you do not have one, spending some good amount of money to have one is required. Any VR headset will go with this console starting from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive as the company did not mention about any specific VR headset to run with Project Scorpio.

Also, nothing about the price of the device is mentioned yet, but looking at the features and power it will be equipped with we can assume that Project Scorpio will come with a good price tag.


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