The Insiders program is a feedback program Microsoft took up after shutting down the XBOX preview program in the middle of 2016. This new program allows beta testers to submit feedback to a single place and all previous members of the Preview program are eligible to join.

However, it hasn’t been without its problems. The previous updates have been riddled with bugs and issues. Microsoft then launched a new build which helps improve the conditions a bit but still has some issues here and there.

XBOX ONE Insiders Build Released
XBOX ONE Insiders Build Released

The problems resolved in the new build include unexpected game and app crashes, microphone error in party chat, microphone input error that affects voice messaging and in game chat and an issue with Skype that caused it to crash.

There are still some prevalent issues such as the party chat will stop functioning when microphone settings are changed, prompt to update controller firmware when there is no available update, delay in Cortana’s response, failure to receive notifications, game clips are not automatically posted to activity feed, EA access app may not show user’s membership even though they have one, wireless display may fail to launch, after enabling Mono output the audio settings become unresponsive and the audio output page is still under construction with many features still not available to users.

The new build is by no means perfect but it is good to see Microsoft hard at work to resolve issues and cater to the best experience their testing community can have. As of now, Microsoft is not taking in any new testers and is content with the current lot. The new build is, however, only available to Alpha ring and is speculated to have a wider release in a few weeks.


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