Microsoft’s shift to Bluetooth Xbox One controllers is further noteworthy than only enhanced range with the new Xbox One S console. Though the maker of the software has only stated compatibility with Windows 10 for the new Bluetooth-enabled controllers, it is clear Microsoft has superior desires to bring Xbox One games to platforms besides only Windows. Director of program management at Xbox, Mike Ybarra gave a detailed explanation of Microsoft’s new Xbox apps for Android and iOS.

Xbox One

He also said that they wished their presence on any type of device that a gamer uses whether it was their platform or a competitors platform. This, apparently intended Microsoft’s approach to Windows phone and mobile, build services and apps for competing platforms to make sure that Xbox is ubiquitous. There is a number of features which Microsoft is bringing to the Android and iOS apps, and a fascinating feature is the Clubs Option. Clubs are simply a group of live Xbox members who wish to play a certain game. These members can play games online, chat and even throw parties through Xbox apps for Android, Windows 10 and iOS.

Microsoft is Presently Occupied on a Summer Update to the Xbox One

Even though there have been no comments made by Microsoft on future plans for Bluetooth controller support, it can be imagined that Xbox One game streaming will also come soon on competing platforms of Android and iOS. Chat among the members from an Android to iPhone through Xbox friends is a rational step by Microsoft strengthening its dialogue about it being everywhere.

Microsoft is presently occupied on a summer update to the Xbox One, which will introduce new universal Windows 10 apps,  Cortana, and some enhanced UI and features during the course. Also with Gamescom due in August, something more can be learnt about Xbox One October update which is due in another two months.


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