As we recently told you that there will be a few more additions in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games, and we all see this coming after the big launch this week.

Fans can now play major Xbox 360 titles on their Xbox One. The new titles include Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10 and Beat’n Groovy.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility for Xbox 360 Games
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility for Xbox 360 Games

Larry Hryb broke this news on Twitter, but it’s still unclear whether more games will be added today or not. The new games, however, is from the same series that we mentioned earlier in the list of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games being announced for launch by Microsoft on Tuesday.

This included: Dragon Age Origins, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield 3, Strania, The Splatters, Scrap Metal and Ghostbusters.

It’s a big list that boasts some quality titles from the Xbox 360 – Battlefield 3 and Dragon Age Origins being top picks.

BF3 has received over 50,000 votes on the official Backwards Compatibility polling website, while DAO boasts over 30,000.

Bad Company 2 is also up there, scoring over 40k in user interest but still missing out on the top ten, which has been dominated by Call of Duty titles since the program was first announced in 2015.

According to Express:

Microsoft confirmed earlier this month that they had plans to release a batch of new titles this week, Xbox Platform PM lead Bill Stillwell confirmed the news on Twitter, writing:

We plan to resume BC game releases next week. Lots of misinformation floating around today, none of it real.

Bill also revealed why fans are left waiting the majority of time to find out what Xbox 360 classics are being worked on.

Many reasons. For example, the companies that own the rights to the game get to define release announcement plans,

he confirmed.

Fans have always known that Xbox One Backwards Compatibility relied on the wishes of the original publisher, hence why so many Microsoft titles have been launched so far.


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