The Xbox One gaming console will see a reduction in its prices as Microsoft slashes the price. The console will now cost $249 for the 500GB versions and is also expected to feature some enticing game bundles. The console will feature games such as Gears of War, Ultimate Edition, Quantum Break, Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider and the Rare Replay game. The price cut is the third such measure by Microsoft in two months as gamers prepare for the launch of the Xbox One S console that is expected to launch on August 2nd.

The Price Cut is The Third Such Measure by Microsoft

The Price Cut is The Third Such Measure by Microsoft

Leading retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon will now be selling the Xbox One console for $249 with immediate effect, and Microsoft says that the console will be available for the price in their stores while stocks last.

The measure is seen as a reaction to the huge sales gap between the Xbox One console and that of Sony, the PlayStation 4. To date, Sony has sold around 40 million PS4s with no mention of how many Xbox One consoles sold because Microsoft does not relay information about the Xbox One sales. Previously, EA provided details which showed that Microsoft had sold around 19 million Xbox One consoles back in January.

Most of the price cuts in the past have had end dates but this one seems to be eternal until all the Xbox One consoles are finished as Microsoft prepares for the Xbox One S console’s launch.

The console is expected to launch on the 2nd of August. The new console is 40 percent smaller and most analysts have praised the redesigned hardware. A new Xbox “Scorpio” is due next year therefore this might spell the end of the Xbox One console production.


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