Wrong House Gets Demolished- People Blame Google Maps

How many times it had happened depending on Google maps led to a unknown road and we are not able to reach the party on time however reaching a party is something and mistakenly bringing down some one’s house completely down is something else. Raises the question once again as we are becoming completely dependent on electronic media day by day.

In Texas one house owner Lindsey Diaz on 7601 Calypso Dr. had very recently applied a house repair and insurance cover just after being barely missed by a tornado. Instead she received a text from the demolishing company the Google map screenshot which shows 7601 Cousteau Dr. pointing on her address. The demolition company has to demolish 7601 Cousteau Dr. duplex and they demolished 7601 Calypso Dr. house, blaming Google maps for this act.

Billy L. Nabros reached the site completely based on the directions shown by Google maps and didn’t even bother to notice the old fashioned way of seeing the sign boards on the streets. Experts say Google will not take the responsibility as the terms of use of the maps clearly mentions it, that Google will not be responsible and relying on maps should be on user’s discretion.

This is not the first time Google maps has shown any glitch, they do update the maps and patch it up time to time still these kind of data glitches do come up. So after all of these incidents, we are still waiting for auto guided cars from Google; anyhow the question is it Google’s mistake or the mistake of authorities who completely relied on the maps knowing the fact that it could be misleading.

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