Apple is a well-known company, the company was widely popular for its EX CEO who name was Steve Jobs, Apple is popular all over the globe for its cutting edge innovations and technology. Some popular Apple products are iPhone, laptops and other such cutting edge gadgets and accessories. According to the latest news, Apple is planning to launch some new gadgets and technologies. Apple will be holding its worldwide developers conference on 13th June 2016, it is expected that Apple will disclose its iOS latest version in the conference.

It is also expected that may also release OS X or MacOS on the said that.

Worldwide Developers Conference
Worldwide Developers Conference

The event is more focused on developers and updates regarding new software will be given in the event, based on the previous events it is expected that this particular event will eventually result in the release of iOS 10 and also reveal information and updates on tvOS plus watchOS.

The event will be an opportunity for the developers to get more insights and information about the next coming version of OS X. if no change is made in the naming convention then it will be OS X 10.12. Some rumors also suggest to us that the once the operating system is renamed it will be known as MacOS, similarly, the MacOS12 will be launched in the autumn season. However the only thing which won’t be updated in the month of June is the Macbook, the reason is that some new versions of Macbook have been released recently.


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