Maybe you are a gaming geek or maybe you are not! Regardless to this, you may have definitely heard some virtual reality enthusiasts bragging about how future in this field is being formed and it all starts with Oculus Rift VR.

Oculus Rift, A New Gaming Era

They are right in fact. Oculus Rift has definitely started off a new gaming era that is special in its own unique way. This is an entirely new method of playing games on various platforms that are definitely beginning of a technological and probably a social revolution.

World of Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift VR
World of Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift VR

These are not bluffing or over praising it. These are the words of hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers of Oculus Rift who are using this device for more than several months now. Even with a computer that meets minimum requirements, it runs quite smooth.


  • Incredible and entirely new experience
  • Light and robust at their best
  • Setup is quite simple and Easy too
  • Launching lineup is comparatively strong than similar products


  • Images are over sharpened many times
  • Existence of VR sickness [with only a couple of games, though]
  • Does not supports motion controls

Key features

  • Resolution of 1200 x 1080 with AMOLED separate screen for each eye
  • A powerful gaming PC build is required
  • Xbox controller is included in the package. Rift controller is announced, however, not launched yet
  • Remote control with quite good range/quality
  • Head tracking sensor for inputting moments
  • 13 years old are eligible for using it according to ratings and recommendations
  • Manufactured by well established and trusted Oculus VR
  • Costs around 600 USDs

What kind of PC does it require?

In order to minimize most of the major issues with this VR, you will require a PC that is good enough to satisfy high capabilities demands of Oculus Rift VR. As described above, there are two AMOLED screens, each with a refresh rate of 90Hz. To match this rate, your PC must be capable of delivering 90 fps rate constantly while playing games.

However, 60 fps rate is an idea for multiplayer first person shooters. Still, a tough PC is required for running these games on a full HD monitor. For retaining graphical fidelity, your GPU power should be three times of VR rendering, which seems huge requirements.

If your PC meets at least minimum requirements, you will be capable of playing almost any game on medium graphical settings. To go above that you would require improving your PC. If you try to go on ultra setting with an average PC build, the VR would probably strain your eyes and fizz your brain. Nvidia GeForce GT X980 Ti is recommended.

Should I buy or shouldn’t I?

As described, a top notch PC would be required to enjoy Oculus Rift at fullest. At a price tag of $599, it is probably not a cheap product. However, for a person spending so much on high-end gaming PC build, it is not that costly. Moreover, it is a reasonable price for first gen machine. If the price is not an issue, you can definitely go for it.


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