If you have been looking for an HD video converter that can support a wide spectrum of formats and doesn’t make the entire interface too crowded with adware then you must check out WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory.

We recently used it for a number of conversions to check the capabilities of the converter, and it turned out to be a brilliant tool. Not only does it make conversions easy, it makes the entire process smooth by ensuring that we do not have to wait for a certain period of time before a conversion can begin – like it is in other free video converting software.

Using the Software

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory – Great Features with a User Friendly Interface
WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory – Great Features with a User-Friendly Interface

Easy to Download and install

Downloading and installing the software is quick and easy. And using it is a hassle-free experience. The interface is clean since it does not feature any advertisements and there is no embedded software either. It supports over 200 file formats and devices and ensures that you wouldn’t have to worry about any watermark on the video that has been converted.

Great Conversion Results

You also have the option to convert any audio format and extract soundtracks from a video or a movie. The converted file is balanced to be of great quality and perfect file size. The resulting videos can be watched in full screen on portable devices.

Download Videos for free from video sharing sites

We loved the fact that we could easily download videos for free from huge online video and audio libraries like YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo, LiveLeak, and over 250 other video sharing websites.

Value Added Features Like Editor and Player Included

For all the things you get for free with this video converter, the video editor and player simply added additional value to the software. You can clip videos, add additional effects and even merge multiple videos. The player comes with its own bag of features which are simple yet great.

What We Liked About It

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a free software with features that are often a part of paid ones. This is what we really liked about it. It supports most of the file formats that you can think of and it works on a variety of devices. The converted videos or a great quality and you have the ability to download videos from a number of video sharing websites through this smart program.

Is It Worth Trying?

Whether it is for simple edits or for complex ones, this software warrants a smooth video conversion and editing experience. Given that it is a free software and it does not involve unwanted adware and embedded software, you will enjoy using this software to convert and edit videos. It is a feature packed software that aims at providing great user experience. Using WonderFox Free HD Video Converter is not only easy but remarkable smooth. You should definitely try this software because it does not cost a penny but provides lots of features and brilliant video conversion.


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