There have been a great deal of bits of gossip about Apple reportedly nixing the earphone jack on its next high-end iPhone, and numerous have also speculated that Apple would include a set of wireless earphones with the gadget to accommodate the change. Although that may happen sometime in the not so distant future, it looks like that Apple won’t be including this wireless set in the following iteration, yet will rather decide on a proprietary wired set that will connect via the Lightning port.

According to Business Insider, Apple will probably not include a couple of wireless earphones with its next top-level iPhone. This goody of information comes courtesy of Barclays analysts, who expressed that Apple will most likely not include wireless earphones until 2017, when the ‘iPhone 7s’ is expected to be uncovered.

If Apple sticks to tradition, we won’t be seeing the iPhone without an earphone jack until later in the year, but Apple will reportedly launch another iPhone handset one month from now, the ‘5se’, that will be a lower-end offering.


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