Microsoft is now ready to bring out their new preview build to the Windows Insider participants that are applicable for both the mobile and desktop users. The new build named as Build 14905 has several things to offer to the mobile users, however, desktop users will nothing get special on the feature side apart from some bug fixing.

According to Dona Sarkar, the Windows insider program boss, the new build will feature a very refined sound set that will allow users to have a more harmonious and beautiful sound on their Windows 10 mobile platform. The new sound effects can be sampled from Settings> Personalization> Sounds.

Windows Insider Previe Offers Various New Features On Mobile Platforms
Windows Insider Preview Offers Various New Features On Mobile Platforms

Also, some of the issue such as preventing the music from resuming after a call is ended, issues related to map apps providing audio turn by turn direction instruction while music is playing etc. are fixed in this new build. Also, other issues like videos are not halting in Windows 8 apps while a call is received are resolved in this 14905 build.

Coming to the desktop part, the new build support CTRL+O keyboard shortcut to Microsoft edges that put a focus on the address bar. Edge had an issue stemming from opening a new tab that created a gap between the web content and address bar. But all these are fixed now. Also, another issue related to Sketchpad and screen sketch which stopped both the apps while tried to change the color and the ruler was visible is being fixed in Build 14950.

Dona Sarkar Announced The Winner of The T-shirt Design Contest in Windows Insider Program

Apart from this new Build, Dona Sarkar also announced the winner of the T-shirt design contest in Windows Insider Program.

The winner is U.S-based E. Bautista and the design submitted by him will be used in the T-shirts that are being sold through Microsoft online store.


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