We all remember Windows 95, which presented with the lovely Start menu that recently made its glorious return in Windows 10. Nowadays It is hard to find PCs still running on Windows 95, and if you miss the notable OS, you may be in for a treat!

Thanks to the efforts of a young Scottish programmer, 19-year-old Andrea Fauld, it’s currently possible to run Windows 95 right from inside of your browser.

In order to make Windows 95 running in your browser, Andrea uses Emscripten (which is additionally used by the Unity and Unreal engine to run games in the browser). Emscripten translates the C++ code in which Windows 95 is built into JavaScript that in turn renders the interface. Next to Emscripten, the projects Dosbox and Em-Dosbox are also used.

Thanks to the use of these libraries, there is no requirement for plugins such as Java (which got its browser plugin axed just a couple of days prior). Everything you need is a modern browser to see the operating system in all its superbness.

In any case, not all components of the operating system work, as Internet Explorer 3.0, which at this point can be considered as ancient, makes the website freeze. It goes without saying however, this is only an experiment and not a replacement for your modern Windows.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that it requires a long time to load Windows 95 in your browser, you simply must be patient.


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