Thanks to Apple redesigning BootCamp, that is. If you have had a craving to experiment with Microsoft’s most recent operating system — and I can suggest in any event taking it for a spin — now’s the time.

Apple’s full directions here are worth your time, yet the general terms are simple: If you have a Mac no older than “Mid 2012”, and are running the latest form of OS X, you should be able to get Windows 10 running without a lot of bothers.

Windows 10 Ready For Your Mac with BootCamp
Windows 10 Ready For Your Mac with BootCamp

BootCamp will likewise give you a chance to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 if you have a former build running on your machine right now. If you don’t have Windows installed as of now, you will likely need to purchase yourself a copy of the code. Microsoft is giving a year of free upgrades, all things considered, not a free ride for everybody.

TechCrunch’s initial impressions of the first, “last” Windows 10 build remains Lots of promise, more polish than Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, and a return to desktop prevalence. That it’s still a bit buggy.

Here’s the full list of compatible Macs, by means of Apple:


Microsoft likely doesn’t mind Apple making it easier for Mac users to run Windows 10 — after all, it has to reach that billion gadget limit. I question the product firm thinks much about what device is running Windows 10, provided that it is indeed running the code.

It’s Friday, so if you were going to play around at your desk and call it work, you now have a prime excuse. Good luck.


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