In February 2017, Microsoft released an update for the mail and calendar apps in their Windows 10 OS. This update added many useful features to both apps. The mail app receives a better more focused inbox, that displayed only the most important E-mails and placing all less significant ones in the “others” tab.

As for the calendar app, it got new features like displaying travel reservations and package delivery details. These are great features as they offer a lot more than a standard E-mail or calendar app and have been greatly appealing. However, there was a problem at that time. These options only worked for Outlook and Office 365 accounts, not for Gmail accounts.

Windows 10's mail and calendar features to come to Gmail
Windows 10’s mail and calendar features to come to Gmail

To solve this problem, Microsoft announced on 21st April 2017 that it will release to Windows insiders support for these features on Gmail accounts over the course of the following few weeks. This release will be followed up by a wider public release of the features’ support. The users who will be given early access will receive a prompt like the message of an update on their account settings to get started.

However, for this support to work Microsoft will have to sync all of the user’s data, such as email, calendar, and contacts, to its own servers. Other changes that can be made to an account: deleting emails, adding new contacts, scheduling new appointments, tracking a newly purchased object, will be synced to Google’s servers.

In this way, all of a user’s data will be backed up. Microsoft will be looking to adjust the previously mentioned features for Gmail users in the coming weeks. This is why they have first released it to only a handful of users and not the whole of its users. Luckily, with the days going by, everyone will be able to use these features.


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