Microsoft plans to celebrate their Windows 10’s anniversary update on August 2nd that will be accompanied with multiple updates on the OS and it will not be limited to just desktop or laptop.

Windows 10 made their way on July 29th, 2015 and since then the company is being tried to put the OS in around 350 million devices. However, here is a highlight of the update that makes getting Windows 10 update a must have.

Here are the new features to expect with Windows 10's anniversary update
Here are the new features to expect with Windows 10’s anniversary update

Cortana seeks your commitment

Cortana is the digital personal assistance in Windows 10 that act very muck like Siri in Apple or Google now. If the users make a liberal use of the Outlook and its calendar, Cortana will be aware of what you are actually up and will provide its responses using that information. It might also integrate the Skype contact list if it finds out how to answer any request such as opening the video call or dictating any text.

Edge browser gets add-ons

the add-ons functionality was testing by Microsoft for few months and finally the Windows 10 anniversary update is going to get it. Adblock Plus, LastPass password manager are some of them while you will get more than dozens offerings.

Improved biometric security and features

Windows hello was earlier limited to the logging in of the OS but now users are allowed to use the facial recognition, partnered website or fingerprint while using the Edge browser. Also, the new update let users logging into the OS using a companion device.

Windows 10 games gets reinforced

This is no doubt a very good news for all the game lovers as they can now enjoy even more games on the platform than before.

August 2nd is the date to get the anniversary update, so stay tuned for more information in the coming month.

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