Fine imitation is always appreciated by the video game industry. Wilson’s Heart, an amazing adventure game has been released for the Oculus Rift. It’s a fuse of middle-20th-century horror standards like The Twilight Zone and Universal Monster movies. It has a salient black-and-white visual style. Similar to many virtual reality studios, Wilson’s Heart developer Twisted Pixel starts something, but he was unable to give it a fine end.

Wilson’s Heart has one most striving setups in virtual reality. The plot of the game is in the 1940s. In the beginning of the game, military veteran Robert Wilson wakes up in an isolated hospital after an operation. The main character is voiced by RoboCop’s Peter Weller. As the player begins to decipher what’s happening around him, mysteries start emerging one after another.

Wilson's Heart, A Horror Game
Wilson’s Heart, A Horror Game

Different questions start popping in his head. For example,

Why have rooms reshuffled themselves? Why does a brutal teddy bear keep popping out of paintings? And why did Wilson’s heart get replaced by a glass sphere which has mystical abilities?

In order to get reasonable answers to these questions, it is necessary to travel around the hospital in VR. A mouse, a keyboard, or traditional controller could be used to explore it. As the game proceeds, you’ll be searching for keys, observing different alarming situations, and solving simple but interesting puzzles. You’ll also be fighting ethereal creatures with either your new heart or a variety of weapons which include a wide range from a power drill to virtual fists.

One has the freedom of all sorts while playing this game. The standard VR fighting skills are adapted, but every fight is comprised of some special elements which give it a unique flavor.

The game is full of suspense and horrific traps which are much more exciting because of Virtual Reality. In some areas, the game lacks cohesion between the tasks and items that appear, but it still seems like an interesting game for all the gamers out there.


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