Messages would be boring without emoji, isn’t it? For all the Apple users there is a whole new set of exciting emoji have been unveiled by Apple for World Emoji Day. There are many interesting emoji for you to express different situations and moods.

From animals to smiley faces these emoji are adorable and will be available for iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

AppleSome of the additions include a zebra, t-rex, elf, genie out of bottle and zombie. Characters have a meditating yogi, a breastfeeding woman, a woman wearing a headscarf and a bearded man. There is a coconut and sandwich emoji in the food items section. Other smileys include a smiley with exploding head, star struck smiley and puking smiley face.

There were 69 new symbols for Apple that were approved by Unicode Consortium which is a non-profit organization that is responsible for setting a global standard for text characters and emoji. After their approval software companies such as Apple and Google designs versions for their own platforms and this is why the emoji on iPhone look different from those of the Android. There are several emoji that Google is presently redesigning that have been decided to look like melted marshmallows. There is no specific release date but the all new looks will be a part of a new software of Google which has been codenamed Android ‘O’.

As of now, there are 2,666 emoji that have been approved by the Unicode Consortium. The count before was just 722 which happens to be last year. This number last year was quite less and has suddenly increased.

Apple is also highlighting several emoji themed apps which can be downloaded from the store. One such app is Emojily that lets you create your own characters and then there is the Gymoji that will assist you in communication while you workout at the gym.


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