It’s just last year when Whatsapp, the most popular messaging app introduced its voice calling feature and within this small time span, it has been able to win a great number of users per day. The company announced recently in a blog post that more than 100 million users are making voice calls in Whatsapp every day which is almost equivalent to 1100 calls per second while there is also an indication by the company to improve the call quality even better by the coming months.

Whatsapp Sees Huge Growth In Its Voice Calling Feature
Whatsapp Sees Huge Growth In Its Voice Calling Feature

Voice Calling Feature Introduced In March 2015

Facebook-owned Whatsapp stated in February this year that their users base has reached to 1 billion worldwide that was founded in 2009. The voice calling feature was introduced by the company in March 2015 in Android device and it reached to iOS as well just the following month. This messaging app had 800 million users base during that time and was managing more messages than the total number of SMS text sent globally each day.

There is the reason why this feature in Whatsapp has become highly popular with days. Any call made through WhatsApp voice calling will not incur you huge international fees but it cost some data. Again there are several data calling plans but this is considered as the perfect choice which includes WhatsApp ubiquity and the more of mobile-centric approach while Skype users mostly use this app on their laptop or computer.

Skype is another useful app having around 300 million active users per month but Whatsapp has seen really huge in comparison that is 12 years younger than Skype.

This feature is no doubt a great option to stay in touch with your dear ones especially those residing in other countries and while messaging alone is not sufficient.


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