Whatsapp added the Unicode 9.0 edition emojis to its latest update of the Android version which is launched earlier on iOS.

The use of images while communicating has become special. It is no longer just that there are more and more tools based on the use of photographs or GIFs. But, there is another thing has transformed in the 21st century. And yes, we are talking about emojis, those expressive icons that have been accompanying us for many years. But, are now basic in all kinds of communications. For that reason, new emojis arrival of WhatsApp belonging to Unicode 9.0 has its importance. And this time it does not matter which Android version you have in order to use them.

WhatsApp Emoji

This Unicode 9.0 bundle came to iOS Apps in December but, Android users still couldn’t enjoy this new emojis. They were included with the recent update of Android 7.1. Still, a good number of users were unable to use them in their day today. Something that has already been fixed with the update of WhatsApp 2.17.44 that opens the world emoji to anyone who uses this version of the app.

WhatsApp updated on Android with New emojis
WhatsApp updated on Android with New emojis

The new emojis included having a special importance since they appear those that Google Android proposed to the committee of Unicode Emojis with a lot of new professions and sports with variants in masculine and feminine. The intention is to raise awareness for gender equality, something that we can finally use now in the new versions of WhatsApp that you can download.

In addition, you can use the iconic “facepalm” with its new emoji Or the claimed avocado. There is even a tribute to David Bowie. I already have clear that there is a few new emojis that are going to become essential for my day to day: the figure that pays homage to Saturday Night Fever, the piece of bacon and the glass of whiskey.

Do not forget that you need to download the latest Whatsapp APK v2.17.44 corresponding to the WhatsApp beta in order to use them.


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