An injunction which was filed by WhatsApp protesting about a countrywide ban has been denied by a Brazilian judge, local media reports. The judge asserted that user’s rights and privacy were in conflict with public safety and with state authorities capability to be able to investigate crime without restrictions.

The judge also noted the use of other rival app groups that people can use during the WhatsApp block in the country. The messaging software is very popular globally and is said to have in excess of one billion users and has about 100 million in Brazil alone.

WhatsApp to be off for 72 hours in Brazil as judge denies appeal

A WhatsApp employee who commented on the new development in Brazil told reporters that the company was going to continue appealing the block.

It seems to be miserable for WhatsApp in Brazil as just yesterday another judge ordered the telecommunications service in the country to block access to the popular messaging app for 72 hours. The ban follows a dispute between the government and the company about encryption. WhatsApp is being ordered to hand over data and charts which are related to a drug-related crime.

The company, however, notes that they cannot access the data because it is in encrypted form, therefore they are of no use to the drug crime investigation. Last month the company enrolled end-to-end encryption across the service for its users.

This is the second such scenario in the past six months between Brazil authorities and WhatsApp. Back in December, there was a 48-hour ban ordered, but it was removed by another judge after just 12 hours.

In another case, WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook’s Vice President for Latin America, Diego Dzodan, was also arrested in a WhatsApp data access issue in March following a court order.

The fight in Brazil is just one in a series of fights between the tech companies and the various governments.


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