Facebook-owned popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has just launched a useful ‘Live Location Sharing’ feature on the app that is aimed towards helping the women and kids especially. Users can share their real-time location through this new feature with the needed contacts so that they can track you every now and then.

Location sharing feature is nothing new in the app and it already has a similar feature. But that is static and a one time share whereas the newly added feature is dynamic and you can share the current location very frequently.

WhatsApp Adds A New Feature'Live Location Sharing' To Track Friends In Real Time
WhatsApp Adds A New Feature ‘Live Location Sharing’ To Track Friends In Real Time

This new Live Location Sharing feature is a short-term one where users can choose the contacts with whom to share and for how long the location will be visible. And the feature can be stopped any time you want just by clicking a simple button.

Here is a detailed idea on how this feature works:

  • First, update the WhatsApp application going to the Google Play Store.
  • Once the app is been updated, open the app to start with.
  • Next launch a chat with a group or the person with whom the location is to be shared.
  • There you will notice the option ‘Live Location Sharing’ under location in the attach button.
  • Tap on that and select the timing for how long the location will be visible. Next, tap send and the location will be visible to the person on a map. In case you have shared it with a group, then everyone on the group will see your current location. Also, if more than one person in a group shares their current location, all the shared location will be visible on the map.

This feature is available for both Android and iOS devices and users will be able to enjoy the feature soon across all the country.

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