This is the fourth time Whatsapp is being blocked in Brazil after a judge ordered the telephone companies for cutting down access to the encrypted messaging app Whatsapp. This announcement was made by the Brazilian judge after Facebook, the owner of Whatsapp refused to provide the chat log which was needed for a criminal investigation. But Facebook is not here to blame as they too do not have access to the users messages and this is why they are not able to help the country by providing them with the requested data.

But the good news is that Supreme court has lifted that ban just after few hours which put the lower court in the difficult situation along with raising a question in mind that whether this ban was actually reasonable. Even though total four bans was being ordered by the court but only three has gone into effect.

WhatsApp is Blocked in Brazil Once Again
WhatsApp is Blocked in Brazil Once Again

The previous ban was ordered to last for around 72 hours, however, it was lifted only a few hours later and Whatsapp has celebrated that lifting well. A spokesperson from Whatsapp also stated that they are very pleased for this ban lifting and hope this is not going to happen again as blocking Whatsapp creates a pathetic situation where people become unable to communicate and their business gets stopped.

According to the ruling of Brazil’s supreme court, they prefer open internet and it does not matter even though this is encrypted which indicates the fight between Facebook and Brazil is going to see an end finally.

WhatsApp is Popular of All With More Than 100 Million Users

This country has several encrypted messaging services but Whatsapp is popular of all with more than 100 million users’s base and this is clearly visible that blocking WhatsApp will have a great impact on a large part of the nation’s communication.


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