Apple explained that the iPhone sales went down for the first time. Because of iPhone 6 and 6S hasn’t come with too many innovation without big screen and 3D Touch. Thus, probably people stood still while 6 & 6S around.

After that they are getting ready to introduce a new iPhone, “iPhone SE”.

By iPhone substitution, Apple can give a support to deals at a time when numerous purchasers begin sitting tight for the new iPhone. A March event might impact Apple’s deals.

While the approaching launch of the “iPhone SE” probably won’t do much for the March quarter, Apple will profit from offers of the new 4-inch model all through the June and September quarters, straight up until the “iPhone 7” launch.

If the latest gossips are accurate, the “iPhone SE” will be a formidable gadget from an equipment point of view, including the same 12-megapixel camera and A9 processor as the iPhone 6s.

That iPhone might not be a “low-cost iPhone” but the “iPhone SE” probably will help boost sales in a price segment where Apple already contends.


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