With GPS technology becoming more popular and people being inclined to the navigation app a lot to reach their destination, it has forced developers to come out with different technologies to make the journey safe and less stressful. Waze, one of the most popular navigation apps from Google is to receive a new feature that will help drivers avoiding the difficult intersections thus will make the roads a much safer place. The feature is introduced in Los Angeles where drivers are guided to the less chaotic intersections which help them gain a better driving experience finally.

Difficult intersections

Waze help drivers steering in the briskly moving side streets, however avoiding the traffic-choked main roads becomes much difficult that requires drivers to end up having a left turn to move to the multi-lane arteries from tiny roads. The company recently announced to draw an end to this situation by bringing a new feature that will let users avoid the difficult intersection. But this new feature also comes at a cost which is strengthening of the drives.

Los Angeles is the place to receive this feature in Waze that will bypass the difficult intersection which in turn provides a safer and less stressful drive. The new feature in the app is made to calculate the best route avoiding the tricky intersections whereas the drivers might be still routed to the difficult intersections in case the alternatives routes are longer as the main goal of this feature is to reduce the intersection numbers rather than completely removing them.

You May or May Not Use The Feature Difficult Intersections

Waze is planning to enroll its name in the anti-left turn crowd where a new feature in the app will seek routes that do not have any left turns and in case anything is there, the time is calculated to see if it takes a long time. If yes, the drivers will be off to their right turn lands. However, you may or may not use the feature which is available under the “Difficult Intersections”.


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