Netflix has been a sensation since its launch and it is loved the world over. That is why the company is being pressured into releasing new features for its customers to keep them glued to their screens. And thankfully they have been doing a good job as they have just released a new feature.

The company has released a feature whereby Netflix users will be able to download the movies they want to watch on the go and be able to watch them as they are on the move. The best thing about all of this is that the new feature comes at no extra cost to the customer.

Watching Netflix on the Go has never been made easier
Watching Netflix on the Go has never been made easier

The new feature means that all users have to do now to finish watching their favourite movie a while later at work, as they boarding a plane or when they are by the park bench, is to just simply download the series or movie for future use and that’s all. They don’t need a future Internet connection to be able to watch the series or the movie once they download it.

Most of the series and movies that people love to watch on the streaming site are already available for download and the company said that they were looking to add more and more movies and series to the catalogue in the near future. Some notable series which are available for download for users at the moment include Orange Is The New Black, Narcos, and The Crown. They are all available for download for offline viewing and more and more products are expected.

The new feature is also included in all the plans that the streaming company provides to its users and customers and will be made available for both iPhone and Android platform users, which should be well received by the public. All users have to do is to update to the latest offering of the Netflix app on their respective stores and they will be able to download content for offline use easily.


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