Good news for game lovers who are especially interested in enjoying some of their biggest and anticipated games get launched in the big screen as Sony is arranging to provide the PlayStation E3 experience to the general public that was started two years back. The event was started in 2014 that permitted general public to enjoy the Sony Press Conference in the local theaters and this year will not be an exception to that.

According to a report, the live press conference will be featured in over 85 different theaters across United States, Latin America, and Canada. Those leaving in Canada can watch the shows in some selected cities in Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. But the locations of theater in Latin America are not rolled out yet.

Sony Press Conference
Sony Press Conference

Watch Sony Press Conference Live Like VIP, Good News For Gamers

The press conference will be held on June 13th, Monday, just two weeks later. Gamers can avail free ticket that will be available from 31st May at some selected theaters and the detail on theaters locations is available on PlayStation Blog. Even Sony have released a video as well that will help fans gearing up for the event.

Now coming to the games, gamers can expect to enjoy games such as Guerrilla Games’ The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sumo Digital’s Crackdown 3, Red Dead by Rockstar etc. With all these Sony and Microsoft will most probably disclose their mid-generation Console for PS4 and Xbox one along with the VR technology.

But, Nintendo NX game lovers might be bit sad as this year’s E3 will not have anything special for them. However, there are much more surprises to be enjoyed from the console manufacturers and major publishers, so wait till the mid of June as definitely Sony has something big in the stores that made them keep the PlayStation E3 Press conference live.


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