Want Some Nostalgia With Windows 3.1?

While most of us are focused on the future of Windows 10 and all the new features that will be appearing with Redstone later in the year, there are some who are a bit nostalgic. Also, if you’re in that category, Archive.org might have just the thing you need: Windows 3.1 and more than 1,500 of its applications available straight in your browser.

You can try out the old operating system directly in your browser thanks to a very impressive DOSBOX emulation, that is running in JavaScript. Close by the vanilla OS you can experiment with 1,500 applications, or programs as they were known in those days, that were available for Windows 3.1 at the time.

There’s even a hilarious presentation application running on Windows 3.1 that touts the upcoming Windows 95, its Start Menu and the new operating system’s capacities. Obviously if you choose Windows 95 is the OS for you, you can also run that in your browser. Who knows, perhaps after seeing this that airport in France will finally be tempted to upgrade.

Games, calculators, pizza delivery applications and other programs are also available thanks to the work of those at Archive.org and the liberality of Microsoft and other organizations.

It’s really cool to see this implementation and method for conservation that allows users not just to see what a product from the past looked like, additionally to give it a shot and feel what it was like to actually use. For the modern web user that likely never got an opportunity to experiment with Windows 3.x, this could be an enlightening experience and might give some a new appreciation for the mind boggling progresses that we’ve seen during the past 24 years.

You can experiment with the operating system and its applications by heading to this page.


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