Ridesharing platform Lyft heard the people and the people wanted to timetable rides early. Beginning today, Lyft is adding another feature to give you a chance to plan ahead of time that rides to the terminal or urgent conference for which you should be on time.

Gett, a ridesharing service in New York, has offered this feature for more than a year and we’ve heard bits of gossip Uber has toyed with booking rides early, however so far does not offer that alternative.

Wanna Schedule Your Trip With Lyft?
Wanna Schedule Your Trip With Lyft?

It’s not clear how the service will be influenced by surge valuing amid high-traffic times. It’s also unclear how popular the feature will be with Lyft riders. It has been asked how much of a demand this was on Lyft’s end and a spokesperson basically said:

Travelers have asked us for this feature, so we want to roll this out to give extra peace of mind to our users when they have specific outings coming up like to the airport. People like the security of knowing they already have a ride planned.

The option works by selecting a pickup area, tapping a clock symbol on the right of the Lyft application then selecting the time you want to be grabbed. You can update or cancel a planned ride up to 30 minutes before pickup without getting charged.

Scheduling Feature is Just Available in San Francisco For The Present

The scheduling feature is just available in San Francisco for the present. Lyft will test how it goes and begin rolling the feature out from that point.

Is it accurate to say that of our driverless auto, chatbot, smart home future? Imagine asking Alexa plan you a self-driving car amid pre-assessed low-traffic intervals to get you wherever you want to go on time.


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