Roger, is an Android and iOS app designed to make life easier for users by allowing them to share audio clips without hassles. The app is simple to use. You hit the record button on it, record what you want to say and then send the recording to any of your friends and family who also have the app.

The company has been trying to expand its features and incorporate third party apps on it. They announced a new partnership with Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and Soundcloud.

Voice Recording App, Roger, Integrates Third Party Apps To Increase Functionality
Voice Recording App, Roger, Integrates Third Party Apps To Increase Functionality

The company released a statement that the expansion was the first step for them as they try to make Roger a voice platform. The whole concept is unclear as yet but it seems like the company wants the app to be a way you can talk to robots. An example is that of Amazon’s Alexa project which has been available to some of the app’s users for a while now and has been made available for all now.

Roger is not the first app to give access to the Alexa bot, but it is the first app to do so. The Roger / Alexa combo can be used for ordering pizza or Uber, though it still does have some limits. Other users also said that the Alexa on Roger was slow, to which the company replied it was because of the beta version integration.

The integration and partnership with third party apps definitely widen the app’s influence and it’s functionality considering people can already send WhatsApp voice notes and also on Facebook Messenger. The interesting part is where you can send voice notes via Dropbox though the audience for the feature is still not known at this moment.


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