WhatsApp calling for iOS iPhone’s. That is our early take on the free calls feature that the Facebook-owned service started introducing with its iOS application this week. Already live to all clients on Android, free calls are slowly rolling out to Apple gadget owners — however TechCrunch managed to sneak in early and road-test the feature today. WhatsApp’s new voice calling feature for iOS is nice quality and easy to use, but the experience doesn’t beat dedicated VoIP applications for At this point, at least.

WhatsApp’s new feature has the potential to cause serious headaches for operators in markets where the messaging application is famous, such India and chunks of the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. (The service may have 800 million monthly clients, but that doesn’t mean worldwide domination, as I explained prior this week.) WhatsApp is one of various messaging applications to ravage telco’s SMS incomes after collecting a huge number of downloads around the world. In reality, the number of messages sent on WhatsApp each day is 50 per higher than worldwide SMS volumes.

Despite all that potential, we — and the people we spoke to — found the quality of calls to be fine, however not on the same level as dedicated calling applications like Viber. Personally I discovered it to load faster than Skype, which is a genuine reward. However, the calls felt like free international telephone calls, which is precisely what they were. That is unlikely to bother most people though.

WhatsApp is slowly rolling the feature out — as it stress tests the extra load that its hundreds millions of clients will add to its network — so call clarity and quality may yet enhance over time.

The actual process of calling through WhatsApp is simple.

There’s a prominent icon at the highest point of your ongoing chats, while you can hunt that person down in your contact list, where you’ll find a call icon next to the chat button. Likewise with other VoIP calling services, making a call takes over over your telephone screen with a ‘WhatsApp call’ label in the upper left corner.

Source : Herald Recorder


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