Microsoft has reported a deal today with the main three independent game engine providers to make it simpler to create for these platforms with Visual Studio. This arrangement will make it simpler for developers to use the familiar Visual Studio suite of features with the most popular gaming engines in the near future, which should help enhance the development process for new games.

Each of these game engine installers will now offer the option to co-install Visual Studio on Windows machines alongside the required plugin for the respective game engine. Microsoft will likewise make it simpler to discover and use the tools for these three platforms inside Visual Studio 2015.

This appears to be a win-win for all parties included. For the engine vendors, they now have a standout amongst the most well known coding tools working directly with their product and for Microsoft, its one more feature to help make Visual Studio the go-to solution for all your development needs.

Microsoft is still working on the last integration points but if you want to learn more about these coming features, hit the source link below. Something else, once the bits are released for download, we will tell you.

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