Virtual reality is no more a dream now. It’s now available at your doorsteps. Oculus, HTC, Sony, Samsung; not to mention Google all are racing to grab the place in history for this futuristic product. People are already speculating that the launch of Virtual Reality headset as more significant than the smartphones.

The Race

People who pre-booked Oculus RIFT in Jan 2016 already started receiving them now a $599 worth masterpiece. Google has one of the cheapest options Cardboard which is compatible with most of the smartphones so why would Sony be behind in the race, compatible with the PlayStation 4 gaming console and are we forgetting Samsung also launching a high end Virtual Reality headset.

Game Changer

The introduction of Virtual Reality headsets is really the game changer in the market for gaming, movies or in a whole the entertainment sector. The game has to be built in such a way now which should actually be able to support Virtual Reality, movies should be able to adapt accordingly or the consumer will move on. Even most of the personal computers do not support this powerful tool today so the opportunity to grow and make a mark in the market is very much available.


A technology which will actually give people the feel of reality. Virtual Reality headsets will enable the human kind with a god like power of living their dream. This is been speculated as the biggest invention compared the smartphones or computers. Oculus RIFT is a great leap into the future and showing the world a new way of telling stories, playing games or even watching movies.