Virgin Media is a UK based ISP that has started expanding its public Wi-Fi coverage by increasing number of hotspots, and they plan to do this by using the routers present at a customer’s house. Public hotspots are a great attraction for many subscribers. It allows them internet access even when they are not in their homes or offices. It also helps save data on their own plans by using the public service.

For this, only the latest router, the SuperHub v3, will be used. Virgin has stated that extra bandwidth will be allotted to homes so as to not affect the routers used by the customers. Still, the customer will still have the choice to either stay in or opt out of the program.

Virgin Media to Provide Public Wi-Fi using Home Routers
Virgin Media to Provide Public Wi-Fi using Home Routers

The data stream for the public Wi-Fi is kept separate from data that is intended for the home connection. In an FAQ, Virgin said:

A Virgin Media WiFi user can’t see anything on the home broadband network they’re connected to. Likewise, someone using the home broadband network will not be able to see if anyone is connected to the separate connection in their Hub, or what they’re doing.

This is similar to BT and their public Wi-Fi access points. They too use home routers create public hotspots. They similarity further increases when it is realized that paying subscribers of both ISPs will get to avail the public hot spots for no extra charges.

However, the similarities end as BT will allow subscribers of different ISPs to use its public hotspots for a small fee whereas Virgin Media will not permit non-subscribers to access its public hot spots. Moreover, for Virgin Media paid subscribers to access the public hotspots, they will have to download the company’s app on their Android or iOS devices.


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