If you are looking to enjoy some deep, serious and competitive strategy involving game to spend quality time, consider looking at the MMO RTS browser game ‘Vikings: War Of Clans’, developed by Plarium that is full of excitement, violence, fear and power.

This is a game where only and only the power, fear, violence and freedom reign do exist. Vikings: war of clans is all about leading your warriors into battle to conquer the world and prove your power against the enemies. In order to win the game, your main aim should be to convert the Viking Kingdom into the most dominant one by upgrading it to the extremely powerful town.

A Closer Look At Vikings: War Of Clans, The Amazing MMO Strategy Game
A Closer Look At Vikings: War Of Clans, The Amazing MMO Strategy Game

The game was first introduced in Google Play Store and App Store in 2015 after which the desktop version came out during 2016. And now, just a few days back on January 15th, 2017, the browser version of the game was seen in the official portal of the company.

Vikings: War Of Clans – Gameplay

Vikings: War Of Clans is a very interesting multiplayer game where the players are required to develop their own clan, trains the warriors, upgrade heroes and their own town. Also, as a jarl of the town, you should be loyal towards your warriors and lands which are under your influence. Special resources are the things required for upgrading the game and these are usually the iron, food, stone, silver, and gold. These resources can be collected by various means such as by upgrading resource building in your town, by conducting a Marché to the resource location in the global map and by attacking the other player’s town.

The game is represented by Clans where the players are allowed to create a group of up to 100 persons and each clan is created to achieve their goals such as to take part in clans competition, helping the clan’s members to boost their power and capturing the place of power.

Actually, the main goal of the game is to capture the place of power which is a unique location located at the center of each kingdom.

The game consists of numerous kingdoms, that is different game locations and it was seen that by the end of 2016, there were around 270 kingdoms in the game. A player can easily relocate their town within a kingdom multiple times, but in case you wish to shift to another kingdom, that is only possible at the very beginning of the game using Novice’s relocation, a special in-game item.

For more details click on The official Vikings: War of Clans Website and explore more about this furious game.


  • The gameplay is packed with an excellent theme, stunning graphics and animation.
  • This is a completely free to play the game in both the platform Android and iOS with optional in-app purchase available. The in-app purchase will let you explore something more though but you can set a password to prevent accidental purchases.
  • It includes multiple language options.
  • You can enjoy lucrative rewards for completing some tasks and quests.
  • With all these, the thrilling battle with players from all over the world is really exciting.

So, go and get this game on your device to enjoy the thrilling experience.


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